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scam alerts: Scammer?A single mom in Danville, VA, posted a desperate message on aidpage last month

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goodnewsforyou   in reply to Mom trying to stay strong
"My children's fathers and grandparents refuse to help". Why not? I cant believe they are all evil. What do they say to you?
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Mom trying to stay strong   in reply to goodnewsforyou
I understand what you are saying. For my children and myself, I have done everything I can! I have no family still living, other than my grandmother who could die any day from heart failure and a brother who lives in the country of Qatar. My Grandmother has no way to help us and my brother believes that it is my responsibility to help myself not his. My children's fathers and grandparents refuse to help! I have done nothing wrong. I do not do drugs. I do not overspend because there is noting to spend. I am an honor roll student in college, a good mother, and I was a hard worker until I lost my job in March. I can not find a job without daycare for my children. In my state you can not get daycare assistants without a job. I have tried to receive services from every agency I can find. Everywhere I go I am turned away and told I do not qualify or I go on the waiting lists. All the shelters in a 100 mile radius have a 4 to 6 month waiting list. I have no bad habits other than being determined and occasionally outspoken. I go to church. I have done everything I can other than to give up my children or my education and I would die before I did either of those. I am going to school to make my children's lives better and my children are MY life. I myself have seen these people you speak of who use and abuse the system. I feel that those people are part of the reason I can not get help. So please, what do you say to someone in my situation?
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to vistahelp
thanks! your pages have some great links. Perhaps you should copy them over to a blog so they will be permanently visible across the internet.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to Mom trying to stay strong
ok, I modified it. Is this acceptable?

3) If you are desperate, ask yourself, "Where's family?". Parents, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, relatives.Try to reconcile with family and work out a living arrangement with them. Family is the first place one should go to. There are very few complete orphans. Most people have family somewhere. You may have to humble yourself and in fact, you may be the problem and need to change. This truth may be hard for you to accept.
Also there are homeless shelters that will provide you food and a place to live if you follow their strict rules.
Longer term, get rid of bad habits, rely on God, spend carefully, work hard - in short, help yourself. I have observed that people who are always asking for money (and surprisingly, preachers too) are wasteful and extravagant, even more than wealthy.
A former dentist at a community dental clinic was shocked to find that the patients who were on welfare and asking for full assistance on their dental treatment bills, had fancy i-phones that even she could not afford.
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Good for you! You set very simple and fair requirements and verification process. She may not be a scammer but did not fulfill your fair requirement to get your money help... and your are giving great advice for all AidPage users. Thank you.
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Mom trying to stay strong
I would sure like to know where these shelters are because I have tried all of them in my area and they are full. I understand what you are saying about scammers but the last remark is a little offensive to someone like me. I have done everything right and still can not seem to get my 4 kids and myself into a shelter. Please think before you post something like this. There are some of us out here that are desperate and unable to get help!
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